Close-up look at adultery

All he wanted was a quiet weekend with a book. But did he get one? Hell no! He was halfway through the first page when the door swung open letting in his giggling wife and some dude. He was obviously not just a stranger she had met in the street - an old friend of hers, perhaps? Still, just bringing him over without asking... That sure was something her husband wouldn't like.

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Cuckold working his tongue

Tonight Anita's pathetic old hubby has gotten so close to her pussy that it even feels a little too close. Disgusted, she feels she needs something to wash his filth off her and... Nothing does it better than a generous portion of her hung bull's sperm! Watch her fuck with the guy in front of her scared hubby's eyes, suck his throbbing cock and ride it until it explodes - all over the cuck's face!

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Cuck films wife’s affair

My wife loves big dicks and boy was this new friend of hers hung as a horse. She was enjoying his shlong so much, moaning on top of him so loudly that I just couldn't stop myself from crawling closer towards her and watching her tight pink flower open up towards his meaty snake - wider and wider... She's got the most beautiful pussy in the whole world. Gosh, I'm really starting to miss it.

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Generous hotwife shares cum

Maisa brought this new guy home to fuck and, as usual, I was not allowed to get anywhere near them. I stayed at her feet watching her little pussy take in the whole of his shaft, clawing at my tight chastity device, unable to touch myself as she kept riding him, beating his cock, blowing it... It was one hell of a night - I just can't stop jacking off to these pictures! Hope you'll like them too!

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Rude blond facesitter

Now that Mistress Jessie is riding her slave's tongue, she can certify that this little fucker has got oral skills good enough to satisfy her even through her panties. Nevertheless, why make him yummy down on thin lace if she can soak his ugly face with her juices and make him fight for air under her oversensitive pink hole? So be it! Farewell to panties and hello to rude bare pussy facesitting!

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Pussy eating gets rough

A little pulling on this fucker's tongue to make sure he had no problem sticking it out far enough - and Mistress Jessie was ready to ride him! She sat down on his face jamming his head into the mattress and told him to eat her. He did but what a disappointment that was! He couldn't reach her most sensitive spots! Jamming a dildo in between his teeth and taking a ride on it was the only way out!

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Worshiping lady in red

Mistress Tasha usually finds her slave's oral skills more or less satisfactory but... It looks like tonight he didn't manage to impress her the way he had done before. His tongue barely touching her sensitive pink button and anus really pissed her off, so she just had to teach him a lesson. Watch her turn the whining fucker over and shut his mouth by sitting down on it! That will show him!

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Rude Amazon’s sex slave

This young sub is so nervous tonight as he is serving gorgeous Mistress Rita for the very first time in his life. His tongue and throat are totally parched but... Luckily, the blond domme can help him with that. Since he ran out of saliva, she will lend him some. Watch her spit into his mouth and then open her legs wide over his head as he tongues her sensitive holes obediently. See full-length episode at Russian Mistress

Worshiping pure beauty

Russian Mistress Jessie and her nasty boy toy both know how to do their stuff right. She knows how to hurt him so bad he almost faints. He, in his turn, knows how to make her feel so good she reaches multiple orgasms on top of him. Don't waste no time, watch Jessie punish her slave with her flogger, her stiletto heels and her crazy CBT skills - and then polish it all off with some facesitting. See full-length episode at Russian Mistress

From CBT to trampling

That useless piece of flesh dangling between the slave's legs... Mistress Tasha really loves beating it, smacking it with her hands, squashing it until her boy toy starts weeping. He's such a wussy he's got no chance to make it to her precious pink entrance. But her feet are always there for him to lick and worship - and when he does his job fine, he sometimes even escapes the beating! Lucky one! See full-length episode at Russian Mistress

Foursome femdom trampling session

This time the humble slaves are getting a double portion of pain and humiliation. But hey, if they take the training well, they will be rewarded with a double portion of pleasure too. See, tonight they turn into the property of two Mistresses - two gorgeous twins, known as The Cruel Sisters. These young, beautiful and very strict ladies have always dreamt of being served and tonight their dream is coming true.

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Barbie doll gone brutal

Mistress Aina's personal slave is down on his knees with his hands tied behind his back with thick leather straps, waiting for his domme to come. He's so helpless and she, in her turn, is so beautiful. The first thing on his to-do list tonight is cleaning the dirty soles of her shoes with his tongue and he gets down to business in a hurry, hoping that this time he will do everything right and won't be punished like a dirty misbehaving dog.

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Foot play in dungeon

The Worm has been sitting in the cage under Lady Beatrix's bed for so long he has almost forgotten how to stand up straight. No big deal though. His Mistress is not that eager to let him get up from his knees anyway. She wants him down on all fours, being her humble pony boy. Then she wants him on the floor, lying under her stiletto heels like a silent door mat. Keep those legs resting, slave...

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